Transient Rental Licenses

Property owners may rent out their homes as vacation rental or transient rental by first obtaining a Transient Rental License. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the Planning & Building Department.

Transient Rental License Application Requirements

1. The property has been vacant, owner occupied, or used as a vacation rental by the owner for a two year period.

2. A Transient Rental License Application be submitted and fees paid. 

3. The property is inspected by the Building Official. 

4. The application is approved by City Staff and scheduled at an upcoming Planning Commission Meeting. A public notice is provided in the newspaper and mailed to neighbors with the date and time of the Planning Commission Meeting. 

5. The application is considered by the Planning Commission. 

If denied, applicant has the right to appeal their decision. Applicant must file a written appeal and include an appeal fee of $922.00 with the City Clerk within fifteen (15) calendar days of action taken.

If approved, the applicant will receive an approval letter. There is a two (2) week grace period. After the grace period, applicant should contact the finance department to inquire a Business License. 

Transient Rental License Forms and Applications