City Council

City Council Meetings

  • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • 5 pm
  • City Hall
    Council Chambers
    410 Avalon Canyon Road
    Avalon, CA 90704

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available at least 72 hours prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Agendas for Special Meetings and Study Sessions are available at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Final meeting minutes are available following formal approval by the City Council.

Check on the City's Agenda Center to view  the most recent City Council agendas, minutes and live recordings of City Council Meetings.

City Council Members

The Mayor is elected for a term of two years, and Councilmembers are elected to serve four-year terms.

Message from Mayor Anni Marshall

Our island community made fantastic economic strides and recovery following the pandemic. Visitor counts were responsible for much of our financial improvements - day trippers, hotels and transient rentals and the return of cruise ships has been a welcome sight. However, there are two sides to everything and the increased visitors have caused fresh water usage to exceed a 14 year high, solid and organic waste production has also increased and impacts the life span of our landfill. 

This is my request to residents, businesses and visitors:


A new program has been required by the State of California to reduce methane gas emissions. One way to do our part is to separate our organics (food and plant waste) from trash and recyclables. It is important we learn the difference in the three products. Our local trash collector CR&R has distributed organic waste vessels. 

  1. Yesenia De La Rosa

    Yesenia De La Rosa


  1. Lisa Lavelle

    Lisa Lavelle


  1. Michael Ponce

    Michael Ponce

    Mayor ProTem

  1. Mary Schickling

    Mary Schickling



The City Council serves as Avalon's corporate board of directors and is responsible for establishing City policy. It's mission is to represent the citizens of Avalon, make policy decisions, exercise fiscal responsibility and authority, and to serve the best interests of all citizens of Avalon. The City Council works closely with the City Manager to ensure that policy is effectively implemented.


Over the course of multiple brainstorming and study sessions the Avalon City Council, with input from the Avalon Community, developed a living document intended to help establish "SMART" goals. This means each goal must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time specific. The purpose of these goals is to provide direction to the City's efforts, and is a means to measure the success and accountability of the City Council and the City's efforts as a whole.

While the goals listed in this document represent the priorities identified by the City Council during these sessions in 2014, they do not represent the entire scope of work for the City. Instead these goals act as a planning tool to help ensure follow through and to prevent "paralysis through analysis" and "perpetually potential projects".

This document will constantly be updated as goals, or parts of goals, are accomplished, and will be modified to reflect the desires and inputs of the City Council and the community.

Policy Manual

It is the intent of the City Council of the City of Avalon to maintain a Policies Manual. Contained therein shall be a comprehensive listing of the Council's current policies, being the rules and regulations enacted by the Council from time to time. The Policies Manual will serve as a resource for Council, staff and members of the public in determining the manner in which matters of City business are to be conducted.

View the Council Policy Manual (PDF).