Due to the size and nature of the streets in Avalon and the characteristics and nature of the City itself, the City has established special rules regulating the size, number, noise, speed, and classes of vehicles used, permitted, or operated on the streets.

Types of Vehicles Permitted:


Autoettes are the most abundant vehicles on the Island. The Avalon Municipal Code establishes regulations regarding types and sizes of autoettes permitted. Gas vehicles may not exceeding 130 inches in length and vehicles categorized as NEV/LSV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles/Low Speed Vehicles) may not exceed 138 inches.  The Code permits one autoette to be registered to each residence. Autoettes may also be assigned to businesses for commercial use. 

Full-Size Vehicles

In an effort to reduce the number of full size vehicle permits on the Island, two existing residential vehicle permits must leave the Island in order for a new one to be issued. Similarly, for commercial full size vehicle permits, one vehicle must leave the Island in order for a new permit to be issued. Waitlists for residents and business owner's interested in procuring a full size vehicle permit are maintained at City Hall.

City of Avalon Vehicle Code

The Vehicle Code provides a more detailed overview of vehicles and the process by which they may be permitted. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Vehicle Clerk.

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