Active Transportation Plan

Plan Purpose & Goals

Safe, reliable, and convenient transportation is essential for everyone who lives in, works in, and visits Avalon. The City of Avalon is developing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that will include recommendations for future infrastructure projects to improve walking and biking in Avalon. Though the City's General Plan broadly addresses mobility and operational improvements, the Active Transportation Plan will specifically address walking and biking needs. The goals of the Plan include:

  • Create an equitable plan that balances the needs of all travel modes within Avalon and reflects the needs and values of people in the city
  • Engage with community members and stakeholders to understand needs
  • Encourage Safe Routes to School improvements
  • Increase opportunities for walking, bicycling and transit
  • Ensure that residents and visitors can walk, bicycle, or use transit to access key Avalon attractions, businesses, and essential services
  • Enhance the walking environment by providing a continuous network of pedestrian facilities and minimizing conflicts between drivers and people walking
  • Enhance bicycle facilities serving both residents and visitors to provide safe bicycle access throughout the community
  • Enhance wayfinding for people walking, biking, or taking transit
People Walking by Businesses

About "Active Transportation"

Active transportation refers to human-powered ways of traveling. In addition to people walking and biking this also includes people using skateboards, scooters, assisted mobility devices like wheelchairs, and many other non- motorized wheeled devices. Avalon is well-suited for active transportation given its small size, good year-round weather, emphasis on active and healthy living, and vehicle restrictions that limit the number and type of vehicles on the island. This Plan will help address existing challenges for active transportation in Avalon, including limited or missing walking and biking facilities as well as the city's steep topography.

People Biking by the Water

Project Funding

The Southern California Association of Governments' (SCAG) Sustainable Communities Program awarded the City of Avalon the funds for this project. SCAG serves as the City's partner in supporting this planning process.

Review & Feedback

Feel free to download and view the ATP Final Plan (PDF) and Appendices (PDF). Please be patient for these files to download due to their large size.

You can email us your comments for review.