Excavation Permits

Avalon Municipal Code 7-2 Excavations

An Excavation Permit is required for trenching, digging, boring, tunneling, drilling, potholing, jacking of conduit or pipes, or placement of a facility or structure in the public right-of-way, which includes any street, alley, sidewalk, road and public place.

Monument Perpetuation Requirements

The perpetuation of survey monuments is required and intended to protect both public and private property rights in accordance with federal and state law. The City shall perpetuate survey monuments or enforce survey monument perpetuation in accordance with state law. Monument perpetuation shall be performed with every public improvement project, all work performed by city forces and every private land development, building project or Right-of-Way permit within the City. Under the direction of the City Land Surveyor, the Construction Management and Field Services Division (CMFS) and the Development Services Department shall assure conformance with all statutory requirements for the preservation of survey monuments. The City Engineer shall, through the appointed City Land Surveyor, enforce the requirements of this regulation.

A survey monument defines the location of private or public property lines. If a monument has been removed or altered, the landowner may be burdened with excessive costs to pay for the reestablishment of the monument by a professional land surveyor.

For a reference to some of the corner record please visit the LA County Department of Public Works Land Records Viewer. This is not considered a complete or comprehensive list, but are examples of some of the information available.

Examples of Monuments

Monument Example 1
Monument Example 2
Monument Example 3

Cultural Resource Management

Cultural Resources & Native American Remains Monitoring & Mitigation Compliance

Santa Catalina Island, called Pimu in its native language, is the ancestral home of the Gabrielino/Tongva Tribe. In particular, the area of the island now known as Avalon was the site of a large prehistoric village and cemetery. Although portions of the downtown area of Avalon have been disturbed by the installation, repair and improvement of utility facilities, roadwork, and related construction activities, other areas have intact archaeological deposits. Underground facilities will continue to require additional excavations for repair and replacement which may impact these cultural resources.

How Does This Impact Excavation Permits

Excavations within areas identified in the Archeological Sensitivity Sites shall follow the protocol for cultural resources as outlined in the Cultural Resources and Native American Remains Monitoring and Mitigation Compliance Plan.

Any excavation which uncovers cultural resources, which includes previously disturbed areas of excavation, shall also follow the protocol for cultural resources.

Cultural Resources and Native American Remains Monitoring and Mitigation Compliance Plan (PDF)

Areas of Archaeological Sensitivity Overview Map