Dogs in Avalon

No dogs are permitted in the following areas:

  1. All public beaches.
  2. Front Street - Crescent Avenue from Metropole Avenue to Clarissa Avenue - including the paved areas on the 100 blocks of Sumner and Catalina Avenue. 
  3. Cabrillo Mole (boat landing) and Green Pleasure Pier.

Muzzle and Leash Requirements:

While transporting a dog through a restricted area, the owner shall comply with the leash requirements established by Avalon Municipal Code (AMC) 6-1.110 and 6-1.111 and also place a muzzle or other restrictive device over the mouth of the dog or other animal being transported. Owner may take a dog across the public streets and areas designated as a restricted area at an intersection with another street as long as it is for the immediate and necessary purpose of public or private transportation. 

Clean up after your pet:

Please immediately clean up after your pet. Complimentary doggie bags are available in City parks. By taking a few simple steps to clean up after your pet, you ensure the enjoyment and safety of others around you. Violators will be cited per AMC 6-1.129. Doggie bags should be disposed of in regular trash receptacles - not compost or organics bins. 

Need a dog license? Apply online or at City Hall:

A dog license is required for all resident dogs of Avalon. Dogs visiting the island on a temporary basis are not required to obtain a license and tag from the City of Avalon. You can apply for a dog license online or at City Hall.