Noise Ordinance

Avalon is a vibrant town with amenities serving residents and visitors. Outdoor activities, events and live music opportunities enhanced quality of life and the economy; however, it is important that these opportunities are presented with reasonable moderation. Unnecessary and excessive noises associated with live music, or special events can be offensive and injurious to health, welfare and the safety of the community.

Due to the limited physical area and the geographic nature of Avalon, special attention must be given to the balance between entertainment and residential needs.

A revised noise ordinance went into effect in October 2022. The ordinance establishes noise zones and sets regulations regarding the use of sound amplifying equipment based on the applicable noise zone. In addition, the ordinance requires a Special Use Permit for any amplified music or special event that may produce noise. 

Noise Districts

Map of City of Avalon with noise districts identified
Unless otherwise specifically indicated, the responsible party for a property's noise, and penalty for non-compliance with the noise ordinance, is determined by the type of property:
  • Commercial Property. The business owner(s), as designated on the business license, or the person identified on a Special Use Permit, is responsible for compliance. 
  • Residential Property. The owner or long-term renter (occupant for a period of 30 days or more) within a dwelling unit, not a hotel or motel, is responsible for compliance.
  • Residential Property - Transient Rental. When the property is occupied by a transient renter, the property owner is responsible for compliance.