About Avalon Harbor

Patrol boat 3Avalon Harbor has 361 moorings in its waters, most of which are privately-owned. However, when owners are not using their moorings they are available for visiting boaters to use on a first-come, first -served basis. In general, mooring owners and their designees are the only people allowed to make reservations for moorings. All boaters should bring their vessel to the main harbor entrance to meet with a patrol officer in person for their mooring assignment. There is usually an officer in a red and gray patrol boat waiting to assign moorings stationed at the harbor entrance. We ask that boaters not enter the mooring field or block the main fairway while waiting for a mooring assignment.

Mooring Fees

Daily mooring fees are based on the actual length of the vessel, not the length of the mooring to which it is assigned. Fees are established by the City Council and are listed in the City's Misc. Fee Schedule. There are a variety of ways to pay mooring fees including: paying the patrol officer at the harbor entrance or on the mooring, paying up in the Harbor Office at the end of the Green Pleasure Pier, and pay-by-phone. Mooring fees are required to be paid prior to taking up the mooring or departing for shore.

Mooring Assistance

If you feel you may need assistance in getting on the mooring please let the officer know when you are receiving your mooring assignment. We would be glad to be of assistance. There are times when we are extremely busy with calls for assistance so we ask for your patience.