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Vehicles Department FAQ


Q: What are the length requirements for an autoette and a regular sized vehicle?
An autoette can measure no more than 120" in length (including the bumpers), 55" in width, and weigh no more than 1800 lbs. A full size vehicle can measure no more than 200" in length (including the bumpers), and 80" in width. There is no maximum weight limitation.

Q: Can I bring a vehicle over to the Island, and drive it without a permit if I have off street parking?
No. Section 4-4.1702 of the Municipal Code states that no automobile, truck, autoette shall be operated or parked within the City unless a vehicle permit has been obtained.

Q: Is there a waiting list to bring a vehicle over to the Island? How many lists does the City maintain?
Right now the City maintains three separate waiting lists for vehicles:

1. A residential vehicle waiting list.
2. A commercial vehicle waiting list.
3. An interior commercial vehicle waiting list.

Q: How long is the wait to bring a vehicle over to the Island?
No one can say for sure how long it takes for a name to come off any one of the three waiting lists. Two permits must be ineligible for renewal or voluntarily surrendered before a new residential (blue sticker) permit is issued. A commercial or interior commercial permit is issued any time a single existing permit is not renewed.

Q: My neighbor is driving around in a car, and he just moved to the Island, or doesn't live here at all. How did he get a permit while I have to wait my turn on the list?
There can be a number of possible explanations. First, he could be driving an unpermitted vehicle in violation of the Municipal Code. Second, the permit for the vehicle he is driving could be assigned to another person. Third, although your neighbor does not live here, if he is in possession of a vehicle permit prior to April 18, 1989, and has continuously owned property in Avalon since that date, then his permits are grandfathered.

Q: How can I buy a residential vehicle permit?
Residential vehicle permits can not be bought and sold. There are limited circumstances which provide for the transfer of a permit from one person to another. Please refer to Section 4-4.1707 of the Municipal Code for specific guidelines for transfer of residential permits. View the code

Q: If I buy an existing business, do I get to keep the commercial vehicle permit that comes as part of the sale?
When a business changes hands, a hearing before the City of Avalon Vehicle Hearing Officer is required to approve the transfer of a commercial vehicle permit. If the new owner plans on continuing the same type of business, and is in possession of a City of Avalonbusiness license, then approval is usually granted.

Q: What can I do if my application for a permit is denied by the Hearing Officer?
An adverse decision by the Vehicle Hearing Officer can be appealed before the City Council within 15 days of the date of the written decision, and payment of a $264 appeal fee.

Q: When do vehicle permits expire?
All residential vehicle permits expire on April 1 of each year. Currently, for Fiscal Year 18/19 the fee is $32 registration for car and truck permits and $32 registration fee for autoette (golf cart) permits. Interior resident vehicle permits expire on November 1 of each year. All commercial permits expire one year after the date issued.