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This page was updated on 12/3/2020

Local Updates (Avalon/Catalina)

  • Modified City Hall hours
    • Monday-Thursday: open 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, closed 12pm-1pm
    • Friday: Closed 
    • Public access to City offices (City Hall, Harbor Patrol Pier Office, and Fire Station) are limited to appointments only. Face coverings are required and social distancing must be adhered to.
    • In accordance with social distancing core staff are working on-site, and others are working remotely. It may take additional time for someone to replay, so please bear with us.  Staff is still available on limited schedules by phone and email.
    • Please note essential services are still running, some are available online, by phone, or by email. There is a significant cutback to daily operations and staffing. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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Safer At Home

  • The Governor and LA County Safer At Home orders are in affect and being followed in Avalon and on Catalina Island. For more information see the Statewide Safer at Home information on the main page

April 7 Avalon Urgency Ordinance U 1188-20: Residential Rent

  • Urgency Ordinance U 1188-20 was updated with U-1189-20 which combines and extends Urgency Ordinances 1186-20 and 1188-20.

    Full Urgency Ordinance U 1188-20 here.

    Notice is hereby given that on April 7, 2020, the City Council adopted an Urgency Ordinance entitled:


    The uncodified urgency ordinance enacts emergency measures to help protect the health, safety and welfare of Avalon Residents during the COVID-19 health crisis and in response to state and county public health orders requiring residents to stay home and continue social distancing to prevent further spread of the virus and prevent homelessness.

    By slowing the spread of the virus, these measures are also intended to prevent overwhelm of the limited medical facilities in the City.

    Accordingly, the ordinance imposes a temporary moratorium on rent increases for residential tenants during the period of local emergency (March 25, 2020 through May 31, 2020).

    The ordinance also limits hotel occupancies to (1) essential workers engaged in critical/essential infrastructure essential businesses and essential healthcare operations, and (2) to provide lodging for persons needing to isolate or quarantine or to protect the homeless population.

    The ordinance went into effect immediately and is in effect until May 31, 2020. 

    Ordinance No. U 1188-20 was adopted by the April 7, 2020 City Council by the following vote: AYES: Mayor Marshall, Councilmembers de la Rosa, Lavelle, MacGugan-Cassidy, and Ponce; NAYS: None; ABSTAIN: None; ABSENT: None.

    A certified copy of the complete text of the Urgency Ordinance is available for review in the City Clerk’s Office, 410 Avalon Canyon Rd., Avalon, CA 90704 and/or copies may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office at a nominal charge.

    Denise A. Radde

    Dated: April 8, 2020

    Read the full text of Urgency Ordinance U 1118-20 here

    You can find additional information on resources for renters, as well as information on the County's Rent Relief program open through August 31, 2020 under the Resources For Individuals and Families

March 25 Avalon Urgency Ordinance U 1186-20

  • View the full ordinance here.

    Non-hotel transient occupancies are prohibited, and the right to conduct a transient occupancy either through a conditional use permit or grandfathered conditional use permit are suspended, during the period of local emergency, unless the transient occupancy is for a person performing any work necessary or providing any services to Essential Businesses or Essential Infrastructure or Healthcare Operations, as those terms are defined in the Los Angeles County Safer at Home Order, as may be amended. 

    Updated at the City Council meeting: The Avalon Harbor is open.
    Past version:
    New transient occupancies of city-owned moorings are prohibited for non-residents during the period of local emergency and only owners of moorings may use their moorings, they cannot be used by non-owners. 
    Updated at the April 28, 2020 Special City Council meeting:
    Full time residents who reside in Avalon will be permitted to place and keep their boat in the harbor on City moorings and non-City moorings. Full time residents will be defined as in the commuter subsidy program.

Avalon Fire Department

  • With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Avalon Fire Department along with our partner Fire/EMS agencies are following recommendations from both the Los Angeles County Health Department and the Federal Centers for Disease Control for the protection of both first responders and patients;

    1. First responders will limit the amount of staff in direct patient contact to only the minimum required.

    2. First responders in contact with patients will be in full protective equipment regardless of the primary medical complaint.

    The department wants all visitors and residents to understand, that if they observe first responders in protective equipment it is NOT any indication of the patients medical complaint or condition.

    Fire inspections services will be temporarily suspended

Avalon Fire Department - Brush Clearance Requirements 

Code Enforcement and Animal Control

  • City of Avalon Code Enforcement and Animal Control continues to be operational.

    Enforcement of Street Sweeping 'No Parking' will continue to be enforced, as this is an essential service to help keep Avalon clean.

Community Services/Recreation Department Programs Status - including Senior Meals, Avalon Mutual Aid

      Community Clean-UP Day March 28 Postponed
      Dog Park Grand Opening  April 3 Postponed
      Spring Fest April 9 Cancelled
      Easter Egg Hunt April 11 Cancelled
      Kid's Park Plaque Dedication April 25 Postponed
      4th Of July Parade and Fireworks July 4 Cancelled
       Halloween October 31 Happening, with restrictions and guidelines

      Cinco de Mayo Celebration May 5 Cancelled
      Youth T-Ball Season May 9  Cancelled
      Memorial Day Program May 25 Decision made by 5/15

    Senior Meals is ongoing. Call 310-510-0220 x103 for menus and to place orders, call 310-510-0220 x230 for general information about the program

    Avalon Mutual Aid hotline 310-780-0938
    Volunteers are ready to assist with grocery shopping, prescription pick-ups and much more.
    Visit for more information and to support

Community Services/Recreation Department Park and Facilities

  • Status of City Parks and Facilities

    Knabe Park   Closed
      Swings Closed  
      Playground Closed
      Volleyball Closed
      Basketball Closed   
    City Park   Closed
      Playground Closed  
    Kid's Park Playground Open  as of 10/16/2020
      Outdoor Fitness Equipment Open   
    Joe Machado Field   Closed
      Sports Field Closed
      Outdoor Fitness Equipment Open  
    Skate Park Open

    Teen Center   Closed
    Tremont Hall   Closed

    For information on hiking and trails see the next dropdown menu "Trails, Hiking and Beaches"

Trails, Hiking and Beaches - Avalon and Catalina Island

  • In accordance with the LA County Department of Public Health Order - 03-27-20  Piers are closed for public access.

    Beaches are open for active use. Restrictions apply.

    For a more detailed list of affected areas please visit the Latest Communications portion of the /coronavirus page, and see the Trail and Beach Closures on Catalina drop down.

    During any outdoor activities, the public is strongly encouraged to maintain at least six feet of physical distance between persons and, where possible, avoid touching foreign objects and surfaces with your hands -- consider using your elbow. Surfaces may include handrails, water fountains and crosswalk buttons. Where contact cannot be avoided, do not touch one’s face until able to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

    Research suggests that COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus disease, can remain on some surfaces for up to 72 hours and therefore presents an invisible risk.

Vehicle Registration and DMV Visit

Solid Waste - Avalon Environmental: Trash and Recycling Collection Services

  • Residential and Commercial trash services are ongoing. 
    Access to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF, often called the landfill) is limited.
    Household Hazardous Waste is temporarily closed.

    Orange bags, which are provided by the City for Recycling separation at home, are NOT available.

    Visit the Information and Messages from Community Partners page for more information. Call 310-510-0240 for updates.

Salt Water and Waste Water - Montrose

  • As essential services salt water and waste water are functioning as normal. 

Planning and Building Department

  • Construction is currently being allowed to continue (updated 3/31/2020) Please see the City of Avalon Building and Safety COVID-19 Construction Guidelines
    Please exercise social distancing and hand sanitizing to the greatest extent possible.
    If your crew members are ill, send them home!

    The Planning and Building Department is open on a limited schedule
    Please call between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm to schedule an appointment for:
    Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical Permits
    Obstruction Permits
    Excavation Permits
    or email Rocio at
    The Building Official is available Monday through Wednesday for inspections and questions 310-510-0220 ex 118 to schedule

    Residential housing inspections will be postponed until the Safer at Home order is lifted.

    For updated viewing and public comment options for Planning Commission please visit

Planning Department Transient Occupancy 

  • Transient Occupancies are prohibited and the right to conduct a transient occupancy either through conditional use permit or grandfathered use permit are suspended during the period of local emergency. Urgency Ordinance U 1186-20

    See more information on the March 25 2020 Ordinance at the March 25 Avalon Emergency Ordinance section on this page

Harbor Department

  • In accordance to Urgency Ordinance U 1186-20 adopted on March 25, prohibit from non residents from mooring in the Avalon Harbor. Mooring owners may continue to use their moorings. The Avalon Harbor is closed to all other activities.

    Shoreboat is available 10 am to 5 pm seven days a week.  Pick ups from the Harbor Department will not be available outside of these hours due to social distancing requirement. 

    Due to the confined space, the Avalon Harbor Department will temporarily suspend dye-tablet testing onboard all vessels.

    Beaches and Piers are open, but please adhere to social distancing and wear face coverings when in public. 

Finance Department 

  • Finance Update - April 7, 2020
    City of Avalon Lessees

    Please review the attached letter for additional information regarding rent payments during the period of local emergency.

    City of Avalon TOT/Admission Tax Payers 
    Please review the attached letter for additional information regarding taxes owed to the City during the period of local emergency.

    To help promote social distancing, the City of Avalon has made monthly reporting forms (link to forms) available online in fill-able PDF format. Please submit completed forms to

View the August 12, 2020 City Council meeting for the budget update.

View the May 5, 2020 City Council meeting for the third update on the financial impact analysis of Coronavirus on the city budget and attached for a copy of the finance portion of the presentation slides.

View the April 7, 2020 City Council meeting for the update second update on the financial impact analysis of Coronavirus on the city budget.

View the March 19, 2020 Special City Council meeting reviewing the budget projections and shortfalls due to COVID-19

Fixed Route Bus - Garibaldi - and Dial-A-Ride. Taxi Vouchers

  • Fixed-Route Service - the Garibaldi buses - are suspended until further notice.

    The Dial-A-Ride service will continue to operate

    Taxi Vouchers are not available at this time. Residents may continue to use taxi voucher books already purchased but may not purchase new books.

    Instead, the Avalon Transit Dial-a-Ride will be available to ALL residents, regardless of age, during this crisis.

    Avalon Transit will operate seven days a week 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    The number to call for a ride is 310-510-0081.

    For riders not in the Dial-a-Ride System, Dispatchers will request information required for grant tracking purposes.

Commuter Subsidy Cards

  • Commuter Subsidy Cards can be renewed at City Hall between 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.  As of Monday 12/7, it is required to make an appointment. Note, face coverings are required and social distancing must be adhered to. Please be patient as we have limited staff in City Hall at a time.

City Clerk Records Requests

  • The city is still filling record requests, however with limited hours of operation, and limited staff time it may take longer to complete any requests. 

City of Avalon Municipal Cemetery

  • The cemetery is open for visitation.
    If you have orders for plaques or other cemetery administration request we are still responding, however it may take longer than normal. We do ask that any requests which can wait until a later date please hold off.


  • The City declared a State of Emergency at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 and will be activating the Emergency Operations Center as well.

    These measures are necessary to enable the City of Avalon to seek reimbursement of costs as a result of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus as well as enable the City of Avalon to enact and implement emergency plans. This is not a declaration to incite panic or anxiety.

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